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Managed Backup

In today’s digital age, the security of your data is paramount. A robust data protection strategy ensures that your business remains resilient, maintaining continuity even in the face of unforeseen disasters. Implementing comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plans is crucial to safeguarding your operations and securing your future.

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Minimal Loss

To mitigate the risk of significant data loss, it is imperative to implement a strategy of frequent, hourly backups for all critical systems. This approach not only ensures the preservation of vital information but also significantly reduces the recovery time needed to restore normal operations after an incident.

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Data Integrity

The implementation of auto-verification mechanisms for backups is a critical component of a robust data protection strategy, serving as a proactive measure to ensure the integrity and completeness of each backup. This process automatically evaluates every backup upon creation, verifying that the data is both complete and uncorrupted, thereby ensuring its usability for future restoration efforts.

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Hybrid Backup

Our Hybrid Backup solution offers the best of both worlds, combining the security and accessibility of on-site backups with the disaster resilience and scalability of off-site storage. By customizing your backup strategy to include both local and remote storage options, you can ensure immediate access to critical data when needed, while also protecting your business against site-specific risks such as natural disasters or physical damage.